Screenshot 1 - Add Panel

We want integration as shown in above screenshot – left side all details and right side property with near map integration 

Screenshot 2 - Add Inverter

Screenshot 3 - Add Battery

Screenshot 4 - Add Other Component

Screenshot 5 - incentive

Screenshot 6 - Pricing

As illustrated in the screenshot, upon clicking ‘Pricing,’ the pricing section will open.

The first section under ‘Purchase Price’ is ‘Pricing Scheme.’ Here, various pricing schemes set in the backend/admin, such as the ‘markup scheme for all projects,’ are displayed in a dropdown menu.

The second section is ‘Adders/Discounts.’ This tab allows sales representatives to offer discounts on their projects. They can enter the discount amount in the ‘Discount’ tab. If a sales representative wishes to add an extra amount to the total cost, they can use the ‘Adder’ option. Below is a screenshot demonstrating how adders and discounts function.

Additionally, we want to introduce a new button, visible only to sales representatives and not to customers in the proposal. This button, named ‘Send Price Discount Approval Request,’ enables sales representatives to seek price approval from managers for special cases. Upon clicking this button, the manager will receive an email, and if they approve, the price will become active for that project.

Furthermore, we want to implement an option in the backend to set conditions, such as if a project price is below $1,500, sales representatives can request only a limited amount of discount. If they request more, a pop-up will display the message: ‘Your project valuation is already low; we cannot add that much discount. To seek approval from the manager, please click the button below.'”

In the Pricing section:

1)”The price for all projects should be calculated based on a specific pricing scheme. For instance, if a 10% markup is selected, the cost will be calculated accordingly. 

2)For directors only, there should be a tab displaying the ‘Actual Price,’ which is the price before adding any Pricing scheme to project.

3) If a customer is eligible for a rebate, then whichever rebate option the sales representative selects in the incentive section should be deducted from the project cost. Based on this, the final selling charge should be calculated.

4) We want one more tab here to add deposit amount –  whatever deposit sales person receives from customer that they can enter here and  that deposit amount should get deducted from final selling price and total pending amount should get display,


5) Similar to the discount/adder button, add another button named ‘ADD PAYMENT OPTION.’ Upon clicking this, a popup should appear displaying the available payment options. Check below image for reference.

As shown in the screenshot above, if I select two payment options and save this popup, I should receive two different pricing options in table . This will show the final cost if I use the cash payment option and the final price if I pay using the ‘Planti’ option

Cash Payment Option
System & Instal Cost
Total Retail Price
Total Quote Amount $
Total Retail price -Discount
STC Rebate
- No of yesrs mentioned in backend * Per STC amount * Total system size
Solar Victoria Rebate
Minus (If it tick by sales repo in design section then 1400(value added in admin section under incentive section for solar rebate should get displayed here)
Solar Victoria Loan
Minus Solar Victoria Loan value which we added in backend
Deposit Recieved
$200(Depost value)

OR Something Like below Image

And if payment option is planti it should get display like this below image

Note– We want option to create more than 1 system options, you can check in left side botton there is add new system option is there,

Upon saving the project, the ‘Save’ button should disappear, and two new buttons should appear: ‘Edit’ and ‘Send Proposal to Customer.’ A proposal will be generated using all the provided information with both payement options. including customer details, system details, price details, and company information. We will share the specific format of the proposal with you. For now, you can refer to the below proposal format as an example(This is just example). –  Click Here

“Upon clicking ‘Edit,’ sales representatives can edit the above project. This feature is accessible to both the customer care team and the sales team. Any changes made to the fields will be recorded in a log file, which will include the editing date, time, and the name of the logged-in user who made the edits to that particular project.”

Note – “Upon clicking ‘Send Proposal,’ the proposal should be attached to an email in pdf format . In email The customer’s email address should be automatically fetched from lead as to email address , and the sender’s email address should be the email address of the logged-in sales representative.”    Subject line and default description for email we will provide


 This email should get save in email conversion history.

Note – Screenshot of email format  – content we will share.